3 Reasons Your Business Should be Using Instagram


Facebook and Twitter (though in decline)  have been the standard for online networking years. The demographics of social networking platforms are beginning to be stirred up as new stages develop. What’s more, as Facebook and Twitter  have begun to put more focus on paid targeted promotions, business entities are have a harder time getting an organic presentation on platform causing these organization to look to other platforms to generate leads and push out authentic content. One of these is Instagram

In an especially telling noteworthy issue, in September 2015 Instagram surpassed Twitter in number of users, making it the second most utilized networking platform behind Facebook, who owns it. Twitter is not third with 340 million users which are in steady decline as of late. Those sorts of numbers are difficult to disregard and this dazzling development is part of the reason that individuals are beginning to eye Instagram as the premiere spot to advertise their business offerings.

1. Instagram is continuing to displace its rivals

Throughout recent years, the development of mobile-friendly platforms has been paramount when considering social patterns, and we’ve at long last come to the tipping point. In 2015, we finally reached the point where people’s time spent on mobile media, whether it be phones or tablets, was essentially higher than that spend on desktop. Portable is no longer just a growing entity. It has turned into the essential way that clients are getting to online substance.

This gives Instagram promoting a gigantic preference point over its main three rivals, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Unlike its rivals, Instagram was initially imagined as a mobile application and not a desktop based entity. And despite other networking heavyweights putting gargantuan dollar quantities into their portable applications’ development, it’s troublesome for these stages to remain as consistent, organic and locally relevant. While these applications continue to hash it out with unlimited upgrades to more smoothly integrate various functions, pages, and menus, Instagram’s straightforward, stripped-down versatile interface makes it simple and instinctive for its varying clientele .

2. Organizations can market themselves through visual narrating.

It’s said that a photo is worth 1000 words and there is not a single place where this adage is more true than Instagram. Being a visual based platform serves a variety of functions, but none more so, from an advertising and marketing standpoint, than to tell a story without using words. The object of the marketing game, after all, is to convey a memorable idea or image that potential leads can relate to. In this respect visual content is king and will continue to trounce superfluous wording when it comes to memory recall and by extension, branding, for all time.

3. More posts are seen on Instagram

It’s been verified that posts published by you on Instagram are far more likely to be seen by your followers than on Facebook or Twitter. Often times content looks like it’s  in pole position in the news feed on Facebook, but what a lot of people don’t know is that Facebook’s algorithm tailors peoples’ feeds according to their interactions, search histories, and more. Twitter on the other hand, keeps posts in chronological order,  but due to declining health as a social platform remains at most a back up plan.