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Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Social media marketing has become a standard business practice within the last decade with a majority of small business owners and marketers spending a minimum of 6 hours a week building their audience. Why, you might ask? To put it simply, social media is one of your most direct outlets to potential clients, the resource you need to grown your business. Social media marketing is an involved process that includes but is not limited to content strategy, creating engaging content, connecting with potential clients and key influencers, conversing with customers, providing customer service, lead generation and follow up, converting leads to sales, and analyzing the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. The problem that most small businesses face going forward is that they simply don’t have the time or resources to take on the challenge of social media marketing themselves. This is where we come in.


    °Grow your business’ brand and increase               your SEO ranking


    °Reach out to thousands more potential                   customers online


    °Increase web traffic to your business’                    website


    °Gain and convert more warm leads


    °Generate engaging content that establishes           your company’s presence in the community




Tested, Proven Success


Marketing Gunslingers helped us set a marketing process encompassing our Social Media, Web and Newsletter marketing activities. They led our marketing team, & helped train, guide and mentor them. Additionally, they was not afraid to get down into the details of every piece of copy we put out. They accomplished their goals with efficiency, energy and focus. I would recommend them as a lead for your organization’s marketing efforts.

~Abhijeet Pradhan, CIO/CTO at ITexico

I hired Elizabeth and her team to develop and implement a social media campaign in an effort to re-stimulate our SEO/Web marketing efforts. They have a unique knowledge of how to use social media for effective link building. Their approach is very untraditional and helped us achieve a powerful social media presence in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend their work!

~Chad Mize, President & CEO at Network Systems Resale


Offering maximum customer engagement, improved SEO, innovating content creation and strategy, increasing online exposure, and growing website traffic, we here at Marketing Gunslingers are proud to offer our demonstrated and affordable social media marketing services to get your business going.  Services start at only $500 a month. Don’t shoot your business in the foot!

Let the Marketing Gunslingers keep you on target today.