7 Secrets of Professional SEO Article Writers (Part 2)

By Maurice Ondoy

As promised, more tips for your articles to be SEO ready.

Tip Number 4. Try to make the content “long enough”. Of course, fresh content that is approximately composed of 100 words is better as compared to plagiarized copy or no web content at all. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing yet tend to offer preference to posts, articles and journals that are “long enough.” Attempt to compose for no less than 300 words, yet in the event that you can get to 500 words or beyond that, take the challenge. There has been a considerable number of research that demonstrate that internet searchers tend to support substance which are “in-depth” of no less than 2,000 words. Many blog websites today tend to use this strategy and the results are positive.

Tip Number 5. Try to edit your work. The main contrast of regular people from the expert SEO articles is the very eye of proofreading. Software programs such as and Microsoft Word, Google Docs as well as OpenOffice make it simple — the green and red squiggleys give the greater part of it away. Having an eye for tastefully satisfying organizing is likewise significant. Avoid super long passages and sentences that continue for miles.

Tip Number 6. Web Content Writing: Optimizing Optimization. In the event that you utilize WordPress as your platform for blogging, there are loads of free online PR instruments (as modules) you can make use of. Some of the popular tools to be utilized are Shareaholic as well as Yoast, alongside a few others.

Tip Number 7. Turn yourself into your own online PR agency. After you finished composing and publishing your fresh content, you must remember that you are still halfway of the process. The last stride of all web content written work is acting as if you are your own online PR organization — link to your substance everywhere. Take time to comment on different blogs related to your business and create a link back to your webpage. Digg, StumbleUpon as well as Reddit are some of the best sites you can submit your contents into. Web content written work as well as social media management go as an inseparable unit, and when you hit the "publish" button on your fresh content, you are expected to tweet your heart out.