Essential Tips for Creating Effective Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have gradually become a mainstay in the way that digital marketers and advertisers reach their target audiences with social media being the channel above all others that consumers flock to on a daily basis. Make no mistake about it, despite the advent and exponential growth and valuation of Snapchat, when it comes to ad revenue Facebook is still king with other a billion daily users. That being the case it makes sense for anyone who has a business, small or otherwise, to take advantage of the possibilities that come with creating Facebook ads. And after making the decision to pay Facebook to push your ads through its targeting algorithms the question becomes about what goes into an effective Facebook ad. I’d be lying if I said there was a definitive guide, but there are a few components that you can tweak to catalyze the success of your Facebook ad conversion.


Visual content garners the attention easily and quickly as it’s obviously the first thing people will see when looking at your Facebook ad. If your ad image is attractive, your ad is bound to create an engagement. By attractive, I don’t mean any bold image will work. Rather, it should be an image that conveys your business strongly along with being eye-catching. Whatever content you use, your image is the first thing your target lead will lay eyes on.

Target Oriented

You cannot create an ad that will not connect with your target audience. If your target leads do not find your ad relevant, your time and effort is wasted and you will most likely have to restart from square one.  You can use Relevance Score feature for Facebook ads to keep a check on your ad status.

Be Convincing 

If you say you have the best services, your target audience may just skip your ad. Everyone calls themselves the best nowadays, often without the data to back up their claims. Be able to define your unique value proposition convincingly. If you say more than 1M people love you or you offer a discount of 25%, your ad have higher chances of getting clicked than by simply saying you’re the best. It doesn’t end here though.

Call to Action

Your ad may have a great image, solid content and is targeted to the right audience, but if there is not a call-to-action it becomes a dull ad. CTA doesn’t mean a bright colored button asking users to subscribe or maybe signup only. It completes your whole process of convincing your leads. So, try phrases like “Get 25% off on XYZ“.

These are the four basic tenants of creating a successful Facebook ad, but each one is able to be expanded upon further. Utilize the extra tips that follow to aide in creating your own effective Facebook ads

  • Your ad requires leads to take actions immediately. Hence you will need to provide more context. You don’t need to surprise them. It is necessary you tell them what they are signing up for. For example, “Click here to signup for free“.
  • Coupons and incentives are more proven methods to convince your lead to share their information
  • Your value proposition should be reflected. Users must know that by sharing their information they won’t get stumped later. There is no separate landing page here. So treat your ad like one. Tell them explicitly why they should share their details with you
  • Take caution with CTR, i.e. Click-through rates. Many-a-times, best converting post-click lead ads fail due to low click-through rates. If your ad is too much “form-like” and your CTR drops below 1%, it is only a matter of time that delivery will drop. So, it is necessary to optimize and try out new creatives on a regular basis to keep the CTR high
  • Convincing your leads is not just restricted to an engaging image or context or content. Users have become smart and they are always looking at what benefits they will get immediately after signing up. If you have compelling offers or rewards that add value, it will speed up for lead capturing process. For example, you can give free PDFs, coupons, etc.