10 Helpful Tips for Effective Blog Marketing pt. 2 by Maurice Lennon

As was promised in the previous article that you read, we are giving you few more tips for effective blog marketing, which will definitely attract potential readers.

Tip 6. Some Good Photography Skills Are A Great Plus

Content can always be enhanced with good photography skills. Readers will share your blog if they like it. With good imagery and photography, the probability of someone sharing blogs that you’ve written will go up. Plain and simple, people like to look at things and love validation in their tastes so be sure to plan out your photos to get the shot that will drive traffic. A great example for a post that potentially has great photos would be writing a blog about a certain dessert recipe and including photos not only of the step-by-step process, but of course the finished product as well.

Tip 7. Formatting

Word and image formatting are also important in blog writing. Align texts on the left side of the blog and images at the center for a more professional and friendly-looking blog. There are variations of alignment that you can play around with but sticking to the classic method never hurt anyone and is the preferred method for a reason. Lastly, make sure that the title is in bold and has bigger font.

Tip 4. Write As If You Are Just Talking To Your Friends

Readers love reading blogs wherein the author’s personality shines right through their written words. It generates a sense of familiarity that makes people comfortable. Readers will feel like they are right in front of you, partaking  in your thought process and ideas. The posts are more engaging and easier to read. Let your reader build connection with you with the help of your blog posts.

Tip 8. You Have To Fake It Until You Make It

Be overly confident while putting your best foot forward. It can actually get you further than you expect. Your blog might be pea-sized, however, you have make to it look as large as it can. Money can be an issue, but in any case, simply do what you can to have a decent format and an alluring header.

Top 10. Socialize and Make Friends

You have to socialize with your readers to continue to grow your audience. If you have enough time, interact with your audience by responding to comments and answering their questions. By doing such, your readers will feel they are significant and are recognized as well.

Above are just 10 of the countless tips to effectively market your blog, and if you do have one in mind that I did miss listing down, be sure to include and consider that prior to creating your very first blog entry.

Have a nice day!