Essential Marketing Tips for Your Business


Part 2 by Maurice Ondoy

Marketing Tips Essential For Your Business

As what was promised in the previous article that you’ve read, we are giving you five more marketing tips that are essential for your business to grow.

6. Your People Are Your Most Important Investment

What’s the most precious asset in a company? Is it the building? Is it the machinery? Is it the furniture and fixtures? Everything mentioned is important, but it’s your people or human resources that are the most important of them all. Look after them and give them the training that they need to do their jobs well. Make sure that all of your employees are motivated. Provide them with the adequate resources to be able to accomplish their respective jobs and make them feel important as a part of the process of accomplishing the business’ success.

7. Make a good pricing strategy

A good pricing strategy does not only mean that you mark-up  your production costs enough, and sell it for profit. Rather, it also has to consider the market you are targeting. Look at the product or service relevant to what you are offering, and from there, you can gauge what level of pricing you should be setting for your products or services.

8. Take Good Care of Responding To Complaints

A complaint is a great chance to pivot a disappointed client – react rapidly and decidedly. Keep in mind your company’s image is effectively harmed, and the exact opposite thing you need is for individuals to be spreading terrible stories about your business. A protestation that is managed well can regularly bring about a loyal client, they will have revived trust in your company and the certainty to purchase again realizing that if things do turn out badly they will be sorted out rapidly.

9. Make sure that your establishment facade is tidy

It’s understandable. No one wants to buy from an establishment that is untidy. Thus, maintaining the cleanliness of the façade, as well as inside, will keep you away from turned off customers.

10. Create A Marketing Plan

Build up your methodology by creating a marketing plan, as this will guarantee all individuals from your business comprehend the company direction. The marketing plan is an extensive researched document which covers every vital strategy the business needs to employ in order to be aligned on its goal, which is company success. Questions that need to be answered are as follows:

• Where would we say we are presently?

• Where would we like to be?

• What opportunities exist in the environment?

• How will we arrive?

• Who will do what?

• How will we know we have arrived?

We have to recall that our business, without effective marketing campaigns, may still offer its products and services, nevertheless, some of your target market would not be aware about its presence. Proper Marketing is like the backbone of the business, for without it, the business cannot stand alone.