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Why our clients hire the Marketing Gunslinger Team!


It is my pleasure to recommend Elizabeth Quintanilla and the Marketing Gunslinger team. Elizabeth and her team worked with our management team at Minco Technology Labs and helped us dramatically increase the profile and brand awareness of our company through website enhancements, targeted email marketing campaigns, enhanced social media presence, and greatly improved corporate and product collateral. Using these tools, Elizabeth greatly enhanced our brand presence by increasing the daily website traffic and customer touches. Most importantly, she designed and implemented the appropriate forms to capture the contact data from these “touches,” so our sales team, my department, had new business leads to work on.

The Marketing Gunslingers team has great depth to their knowledge of the processes and tools needed to market a company in today’s online world. Based on their performance, I have no hesitations in recommending them to design and implement  anyone else’s campaign.

~Jeffrey Weiss, Sales Manager at Minco Technology Labs


The MG team is full of powerful relationship builders who understand that the best organizations are built on a strong foundation of trust and open communications. As ProductCamp Austin’s leader for Sponsors, MG set new records for number of sponsors, dollars raised, and repeat sponsorship – resulting in what is widely regarded as the most successful ProductCamp organization in the world. In addition, they serve as a tireless evangelists for ProductCamp, and their interconnectedness in the Austin and Central Texas communities created inroads and awareness for our group that we otherwise would not have had. I would highly recommend Marketing Gunslingers to anyone who is looking for relationship marketing and strategic skills.

~Paul Young, Emeritus Advisor at ProductCamp


Marketing Gunslingers helped us set a marketing process encompassing our Social Media, Web and Newsletter marketing activities. They led our marketing team, & helped train, guide and mentor them. Additionally, they was not afraid to get down into the details of every piece of copy we put out. They accomplished their goals with efficiency, energy and focus. I would recommend them as a lead for your organization’s marketing efforts.

~Abhijeet Pradhan, CIO/CTO at ITexico


Recently, we worked with Elizabeth on the 2012 InnoTech Austin Business & Technology Exposition & Conference. She and her team were extremely helpful in the on-site execution of the event details, helping to keep the event running efficiently and on-time. Elizabeth was also one of our presenters at the eMarketing Summit (Special Event @ InnoTech) where she shared her in-depth social media marketing knowledge with our attendees. Thank you for a job well done!

~Andrea Lowery, VP of Operations, Owner at Prospera Events, LLC


I hired Elizabeth and her team to develop and implement a social media campaign in an effort to re-stimulate our SEO/Web marketing efforts. They have a unique knowledge of how to use social media for effective link building. Their approach is very untraditional and helped us achieve a powerful social media presence in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend their work!

~Chad Mize, President & CEO at Network Systems Resale


Elizabeth and her team are some of the brightest and innovative marketing professionals I have encountered. I have reached out to them on several occasions for business and marketing advice and they are both candid and always exceed expectations. In addition, Elizabeth is a true thought leader in the Social & Net Media space and I highly recommend her. If you’re interested in growing your customer base and penetrating new markets Marketing Gunslingers would be the best quarterbacks you can find!

~Mahdi Jaber, Executive Director at Ghost Marketing


Marketing Gunslingers represents the greatest levels of integrity and capability. I have known Elizabeth for several years and have utilized her council whenever I can. Elizabeth is one of the most amazing people I have met in my life, with such high energy, drive, and a deep understanding of markets and media. She has wisdom well beyond her years. The thing I respect the most is her integrity and incredible heart to make a difference. She is world-class at understanding and developing product strategies. I recommend her and her team highly to everyone in my network. Elizabeth has earned my greatest respect.

~David Smith, CEO at HBMG Inc.


Elizabeth is one of the top marketing minds in the business and understands that marketing is the absolute heart of any business. She has mastered the transition into real estate investing by leveraging the foundational marketing skills from her other businesses directly into real estate investing world.

~Shenoah Grove, Vice President at Love American Homes


Elizabeth has contributed significantly to the City’s policy development on our Community Technology Initiative and leads the Commission’s working group on our residential technology survey efforts. Her voluntary work as a Commissioner is greatly appreciated and valued.

~Rondella Hawkins, Telecommunications & Regulatory Affairs Officer at City of Austin


Having been lucky enough to meet Elizabeth at a networking event in Austin, Texas, I soon realized what a force of nature she was in the social media, networking and marketing world on an international basis. Her team’s approachability and her impeccable accreditations are a formidable combination in the slapdash world of media and information in which we live. I am glad that Elizabeth is on my side to help navigate.

~Vanessa Burnette, Account Executive at Adecco Engineering & Technology


Marketing Gunslingers provided very effective support to the Holly Power Plant Decommissioning Project located in Austin, TX through web site development and weekly updates to the website. They provided all the final text in the updates, monitored website traffic, and provided weekly updates at our construction progress meetings. The website also served to keep the community and other interested parties up to date on the project activities and progress.

~Joel Roberts, Director at TRC Companies, Inc.


I hired the MG team for a developer marketing project for Rackspace. They helped us with a number of event marketing and developer relations activities in the project. They understand the client needs, build a solid relationship with them, come up with great ideas, and execute on them. During the project, there were many a time Elizabeth’s team would do field research, understand developer needs and come back and give us insights which proved valuable for us. Their focus on results combined with great people skills, and a strong technology background in marketing functions are what make them excellent technology marketing consultants. Their efforts were instrumental in organizing Rackspace’s developer hackathon. I strongly recommend Elizabeth and the Marketing Gunslingers and would hire them again for my projects.

~Prabhakar Gopalan, Product Marketing Head at Rackspace


Elizabeth and her team transformed Keep Austin Generous’ fledgeling social media presence into one teeming with relevant, timely, and impactful activity. I’m convinced that, without her leadership, our campaign would not have had near the success it achieved.

~Leo Ramirez Jr., President and Co-Founder at MiniDonations

We hired Elizabeth’s firm right after funding to train the new team on social media strategy. When we began this exercise we were near the bottom of our key word search results worldwide. Today, through their help, we are now on the first page for all our relevant keywords. This in turn has translated into an explosion in sales for us. I would highly recommend them.

~Paul Cross, Founder and President at Ticketbud

As a small non-profit it is sometimes difficult to find quality online marketing expertise at affordable rates. Elizabeth was flexible and helped us address urgent concerns in a prompt and professional manner.

~John King, Executive Director at CleanTX

I am on the board of the Austin Hispanic Chamber. We rely on our members to volunteer and help other members. Elizabeth always comes through for us in giving quality presentations to our members and helping us all get a better understanding of ways we can stretch our marketing ideas and our marketing budgets. Good energy.

~Celia Israel, TX State Representative

Elizabeth is a self taught expert and heavy practitioner in Social Media Marketing and is well connected to other Austin Area experts in the SSM field. As such, she and her firm teach the SSM workshops offered quarterly by Austin SCORE. Observing Elizabeth in this setting has allowed me to see their event organization and teaching skills. They are effective organizers, collaborators, teachers and natural leaders with an excellent knowledge of how and when to use SMM tools as part of an overall marketing mix.

~John Wooley, Mentor at SCORE Austin

When we were asking around for a social media consultants to improve our ranking, the name I kept hearing was Elizabeth Quintanilla at Marketing Gunslingers. Elizabeth’s specialty, urgent marketing and product management was just what we needed to get ready for our first SXSW Interactive Event. We could have not found a better web technologist and business strategist. We are thrilled with the improvement we have made.

~M. Angelis Iglesias, Cultural Coach and Global Content Creator at Translation Business Solutions

I first witnessed Elizabeth’s social media expertise at a Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber class. She commanded the group and was able to convey knowledge while staying personally relevant and engaging. She was perfect for my CareerConnects event, where she shared her Linkedin skills, just a fraction of her marketing and technology background, with networking-focused Austinites. She’s prepared, genuine and she cares about her audience.

~Bryan Chaney, Founder and Event Director at CareerConnects

Met with Elizabeth’s team to get some professional advice on SEO and e-mail marketing. They answered all of my questions in detail and gave me great guidelines to follow to build and market my website in the most efficient and effective way. They also gave me creative ideas and encouraged me to think outside the box.

~Jackie Venson, Independent Musician




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