Tips for Filling your Social Media Calendar

2017 is fast approaching, and because a New Year means a new beginning, our Social Media Calendar gets its own . The approaching year is a new opportunity to get things rightfully done so we get to make the most of our content marketing strategy. So, in this article, we will going to give you tips for filling your Social Media Calendar.

7 Ideas that you can utilize for your Social Media/Content Calendar in 2017

Video– Make it your business to either start or expand your video marketing footprint this year. Video is the future of content marketing. Several studies have shown more than 50% of the companies have been using the said medium — – a figure that is expected to increase as more and more realize the potentials. Nielsen asserts 64% of marketers assume, that in the future, video will going to lead their

strategies. It’s obvious to see why.

Utilize and expand your social media – Social media do great things for content marketing, Not only does it notify you very well about what your target audience is eager about, it is also an ideal driveway for reach and promotion.

Look back at 2014 – Go back to what worked well with your audience the last year. Look at customer comments and site analytics to see what trended the previous year.

Ask the horse’s mouth – Directly ask your target audience what they do like or what do they prefer to see, by means of a poll, quiz, contest or survey. Bribe them as need arises!

Repurposing your best content – Take pieces of content that are popular and repurpose them for different social media platforms. For instance, slice up a good post into social media posts, Tweets, videos, and even memes.

Curate great content – Another awesome method for providing your audience a good value proposition while boosting your own authority and content at the same time is by curating content you find on the Web.

Try something new – Don’t be afraid to experiment! Out there, there are contents that you have yet to try that your audience might find informative but don’t compromise being interesting. This could possibly include podcasts, image directories like Instagram and Pinterest, or more. If there are tips that you believe that I have not included but you think will be good for your business, feel free to include those and let the tips do the work.