10 Social Media SEO Tips for Small Businesses

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6. Make content shareable

When you create content that people like to share, you are building more inbound links. This content is not just your blog posts. It can also be Facebook status updates, tweets, photos, videos, infographics and everything in between. The more people are engaging with your content, the more authority you are going to create within your social platforms. Quality content brings more shares as well as more links, as a result, increasing your SEO value.

7. Optimize images

Add compelling images to your article. These images surely sell your content, making people read and share your content as well. Just ensure that your images are relevant and it shouldn’t have copyright issues. Some of the best websites where you can get beautiful images include Pixabay, Google Advanced Image Search, and Shutterstock. For optimal results, do not forget to include keywords in the image alt URL, tags, as well as in anchor text to make it easier for search engines.

8. Build Google Author Rank

Google allows the content author to associate his or her content with their Google+ profiles. This ensures that their Google+ profiles and account are linked in search engine results, which is vital for establishing credibility for your content. Not only does it drive recognition, it also builds trust with your audience.

9. Improve engagement in Twitter and Facebook

 Use hashtags to be able to increase engagement level

 Engage with your fans as well as followers

 Respond to comments, questions and compliments regularly

 Keep your content fresh and interesting

 Avoid bombarding your social page with advertisements

10. Create Google+ Local listing

Most consumers do search for local businesses online. It would be your loss if people cannot find you online, so it is very much of a need that you optimize your list in Google+ Local. You just have to make sure to keep all your information as well as the details about your business updated, such as your address, contact number, email, working hours, etc.

Bottom line

When we are going to discuss contents that are SEO-friendly, we mean these are the contents that can be effortlessly grasped via search engines. The more they can grasp about your page, the greater chances of accomplishing better rankings in their indexed lists. Now, the question is, are you interested in boosting your social media SEO?